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Holy Spirit led Teachings & Prophetic Words

God's Own Shed Blood Not Mary's Blood

God's Own Shed Blood Not Mary's Blood


**********human sinful Blood cannot cleanse your soul from sins****************************
God is so Holy,and He could not ever use human sinful blood for His Once & for all sacrifice for us, there is a video, where Jesus' Blood was found & tested, it is alive , has only 24 chromosones(humans have 48 chromosones)flesh;which was from the human flesh(sacrifice) *& His Blood only has a Y ,which is God Himself, not can view the video bottom of this Blog...Plus I have scriptures all through the Blog. Remember, God is so Holy He cannot look upon Sin.
**********why didn't God let Joseph & Mary just get pregnant,and He incarnate through that body?
*****Have you ever asked yourself..why didn't God Just let Joseph & Mary become pregnant & then God just incarnate through that body? why did God need a Virgin Birth ?(Always remember, God is so Holy He cannot EVER look upon any sin at all,let alone incarnate through sinful human blood) Let us remember the fall of Adam & Eve in the garden, and how God cursed all man kind & the earth etc. So, we know rom.3:23 "All (Have) sinned.
yes, evenJoseph & Mary sinned , they sacrificed doves for their sins before they could take Jesus to Temple(Taking Jesus to temple, was not the only time Jospeh & Mary had to do sacrifices for their sins, (before Christ)that is what the Jews had to do for their forgiveness of sins, BUT, (without Christ shed Blood, they were forgiven for 1 year BUT Never set free...................God is Spirit John4:24 ,God is so Holy , so Holy , so Holy He cannot ever look upon any sin at all,and human flesh & blood are sin , sin nature is in the blood of human beings Mary was a created human being & a sinner . (I know you want to say she was sinless, well, find that scripture in the Word of God,the Holy Bible)not a man made bible,you want to say, but she ascended into heaven(no scripture says this).Mary was buried in Ephesus,they go there by the thousands to worship her tomb..Mary & joseph were created beings, same as you & me..God, who is Spirit John4:24 became Flesh 1Tim.3:16 & John1:1-14, ....."God was in the Body of Christ 2Cor.5:19 ,reconciling the world(sinners) BACK unto Himself.....God shed His own Blood Acts20:28 take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the Flock(who believe in Christ & follow our God)yes, we are the Flock)over which the Holy Spirit has made us over seers,to feed the Church or Flock of God,which God has purchased with His Own Blood. God never ever purchased or shed His Holy Blood for any religion or denomination, amen,
**********we who abide in Christ Jesus**********************cleansed by His Shed Blood****
We , who abide in Christ Jesus (1john3:6-10) and are cleansed in his soul cleansing Blood 1John1:9,10 & Heb.9:11-15 and are sealed by His Spirit unto the day of our redemption (1thess.4:16,17 & john14:2,3(sealed eph.1:13,14)We are the Flock He has purchased with His own Shed Blood. God's Own Blood,not Mary's Blood(human sinful blood=No, you see, she was human & a sinner, who needed a savior & forgiveness .(Rom.3:23 ALL have sinned)Only Jesus,who was God in the flesh(emmanuel)was sinless............Only her womb was used ,God all by Himself did the rest.(Look at how God created the entire Universe & all creation)why couldn't He incarnate through a virgin birth into human form to become our once & for all sacrifice ? 1Cor.5:7... To say Mary is Co-redemptrex with Christ is Blasphemy & Idolatry .....Mary was a chosen vessel who said yes to God. ....................After the Birth of Jesus, Joseph knew her as his wife (for those of you who do not know this, they had sexual relations, which husbands & wives do.!!!gave birth to; Matt.13:55 is this not the carpenters son(Joseph was a carpenter)? is not His mother called Mary? and His brethren(brothers)James,Joses,simon & Judas? v.56 and His sisters,are they not all with us?(you like to say, they were His Brothers & sisters who believed & followed Him, well, that would be thousands, and it would say is this not the multitude of His Followers?) also Mark6:3 is this the Carpenter,son of Mary(& the brother of James,Joses,Judah,& Simon?(this is the insight, the carpenter,son of Mary (Jesus and the brother of )& His sisters ?) Matt.1:25/virgin predicted Isaiah7:14 Matt.1:23 Call His Name Emmanuel, interpreted ("God with us").....Matt.1:16 Joseph & Mary were Legally Jesus' parents...............Mary was a godly young woman Luke1:28 But not without sin..........
***********Mary refers to her own need for a Savior**************************************
(***Mary herself refers to her own need for a Savior Luke1:47-49 ,Luke1:31-35, see V.32 He shall be called The Son of The Highest:and the Lord God shall Give unto Him the Throne of His Father David(David was a King , as was Jesus , King!!) v.32 He shall be called the Son of God ,,,, Very clearly said, the Son of God,Not the son of Joseph & Mary .
***************Mary Magnifies her Lord**********************************************
(***Luke1:46 Mary magnified her Lord(for you who do not know, Lord is calling Him King!!and savior)....................following the birth of Jesus....Joseph & Mary lived in Bethlehem about 2 yrs. They spent time in Egypt and (they raised their family) in Nazareth -Matt.13:54-56 Luke2:51,52; ***Mary had learned from her Savior, Jesus..............Luke2:41 -49 Joseph & Mary lost track of Jesus & found Him teaching in the temple(He was 12 yrs old)!!!They asked Him why had He done so to them v.48 Thy father & I have sought Thee sorrowing ******* Jesus answered v.49 'How is it you sought Me? Wist ye not that I must be about My Father's business?(God) .............except for the birth of Jesus Our Savior.
***********Joseph & Mary seldom mentioned in scripture*********************************
Joseph & Mary are seldom mentioned in scripture or the gospels- she is last mentioned just before The Day of Pentecost Acts1:14....1st reference Matt.1:16 & Luke1&2,remembering, they were the legal parents of Jesus .......Matt.1:21,22,23 Call His Name Jesus (Hebrew 'Yehoshua)means Jehovah saves. ,,,,,,,,His Very purpose for coming into the world (of lost sinners)was To Save Sinners. .......This is the foundational concept of the Gospel....Isaiah7:14 follows the septuagint (LXX)rendering where parthenos is also used to translate the Hebrew 'almah There can be No Doubt that the Greek Term parthenos translates Always as Virgin...............Emmanuel meaning God with us (***v.23,describes the Deity of the Person,of the Son of God--implies God with us,which God did in the person of Christ (2cor.5:19)1Tim.3:16 & John1:1-14 Col.1:15 on...........Eph.4:11,12 are all God's Chosen vessels, God in us & through us(God chooses us & calls us, we either say yes to God or we say no)...............
**************hate me for the truth, don't love me for lies*********************************
I'd rather you hate me for telling the truth of the Word of God, then for you to love me for telling you lies leading you to hell.I'd rather be one of God's own to tell you the truth of Jesus christ, your once & for all sacrifice , the Son of the Living God Almighty (John3:16 & John14:6)Jesus is your only hope for salvation ,forgiveness & everlasting life............Examine yourselves (2Cor.13:5 see if you are in the faith that (**Christ be in you**) ( not by eating a wafer )but by asking Him in as Savior Rev.3:20)& that you are not a reprobate...(Rom.1:25,28) give yourself the 3rd degree Only Jesus can save you , not a church, a religion (Matt.23)or denomination or any religious works.I want to point out to you, There are only 2 works #1 righteous of God in you, or#2 sin of satan in you.( You serve your own master who is in you....see John3:6-10.)..............
**************to be Born Again*******************************************************
Now, if you wish to be born again , it is by believing God & asking Christ into your heart as demonstrated in rev.3:20(the door is your heart, hearing is hearng the gospel , His voice is believing the gospel, opening the door is asking Christ into your heart, if you mean it in your heart (rom.10:9,10)He will come in & dwell in you see Col.1:27,at this point, you are born again,(Eph.1:7) a Brand New Spirit in Christ Jesus , now He seals you with His Spirit Eph.1:13,14 who will lead you to repentance*2cor.7:9,10* Luke13:3,turning away from all sins to Christ Jesus & to acknowledging your sins to God, by confessing from your heart in Godly sorrow , so that God hears your sorrowful & repentant heart & He will forgive you (and) cleanse you(your soul) from all unrighteousness.1John1:9,10 No person can ever get you forgiven , God has to meet with you & hear your Hearts Cry, nor can any works get you forgiven)God has to see & hear your Repentant heart(having turned from the sins to Christ in Godly sorrow)...(2cor.7:9,10)I add here, 1Cor.2:4,13 God's Word is not to be taught in human wisdom, lest your faith be in men & not in God but that you are taught by His Spirit, so your faith is in God (alone) not in the created beings..............(***always remember, no sinful human Blood can ever cleanse our sinful souls from sins ..............only the divine Blood shed by God alone, for you & for meActs.20:28.........Matt.26:28 ,Heb.9:22,Heb.9:11-15, 1john2:2 & Rom.3:25 Only by the shed Blood of Christ, our Once & for all sacrifice (1cor.5:7)........if human Blood could save us & cleanse our souls from all sins, then there was no need for God to come to us in human form through a virgin birth(and always remember,God calls us, chooses us and we answer, Mary agreed to be used of God ,same as we also agree with God when He calls us & chooses us to serve Him Eph.4:11,12.
*************by exalting a created being***********************************************
.by exalting a created being above God & what He did for us through Christ(Rom.1:25,28 you indeed reject Christ & His Once & for all sacrifice for you .(so you are not forgiven by God & you have no forgiveness in anyway from your sins and are dead in your sins (eph.2:1 sinners are dead)remembering 1Cor.6:9,10 no sin enters into God's Kingdom)..there is no religious works you can ever ever do to be forgiven & accepted by God to think you can go to another place(PURGATORY,no such place )and work off your sins is indeed saying, well, Jesus did not do enough for me,and that Jesus did not finish His Work on the cross for me, it just was not enough & I can do better, You indeed reject Jesus Christ & have not Everlasting Life in Him...John3:3 you must be Born again,or you will not see heaven...Baptism does not make you born again.only God does that John1:13.......If anyone wants to talk about this or any of my Blogs led by Holy Spirit alone....Please feel free to contact me. the video is awesome proof it was indeed God's own DIVINE shed Blood , shed to cleanse you & me from all sins, all unrighteousness. Only our soul can be saved , and cleansed by the power of His shed Blood, your flesh body cannot be saved.and you must receive Christ as Lord over your life in Faith 1John2:2,your salvation was already set for you by God thru Christ, all you have to do to be born again or saved, is to believe God & receive Christ into your heart as Lord over you,pick up your cross daily & follow Christ ,Luke13:3 Repent (turn away from )sins to Christ & confess only to God , not to man,1John1:9,10, btw scripture says to confess our faults (not sins, but faults) to one another,what we do wrong to each other & say wrong to hurt that person, if it is in your heart to confess(testify a better word) to another your sins, that is just you to share with another your testimony of where God has brought you from, what your sins were & how God forgave you & how He uses you as His vessel now...........One could say, my fault is smoking, can't break the habit, will you all pray for me?Fault is a wrong doing or bad habit.NOT Sins. (My sins are strictly between God & me)Only God can forgive me & cleanse me from all unrighteousness 1John1:9,10.........God Bless & lead you I pray in Jesus' Mighty Name,amen
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